Application Fees

1. Visa Fees

For each visa application, you will have to pay:

  • Visa fee
  • Service fee
  • If applicable, additional fees such as courier return charges (if you choose to get back your passport via registered express mail), photocopies, printings, premium service etc.

These fees are payable to TLScontact visa application center by debit or credit card (American Express cards are not accepted).

The visa fee is collected for the Embassy of Belgium, in London for consideration of your visa application and the service fee is collected for the processing of your visa application at TLScontact.

Attention: Payment of the visa fee and the service fee does not guarantee that a visa will be granted. The visa fee and the service fee are both non-refundable and non-transferable if the visa application is denied by the Embassy of Belgium, in London or if you decide to terminate your application.

Credit/Debit card accepted for payments:

  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Visa
  • Visa electron
  • Solo
  • VCB
Visa type EUR *
Airport transit visa 60
Short stay Schengen visa (less than 90 days) 60
Long stay visa (more than 90 days) 180

* The visa fee is only collectible in GBP, and may change as a result of currency fluctuation.

Discount available:

The visa fee is 35.00 Euros for:

  • Children between 6 and 12 years of age.
  • Countries with which the EU has a visa facilitation agreement: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kosovo, Russia, Ukraine and for non-biometric passport holders of Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and Serbia.

Exemption of visa fees:

Please note the following exceptions and reductions apply:

  • EU family members are exempted from the visa fee. You will need to provide proof of the relationship (e.g. marriage or birth certificate) to the EU national and a copy of their passport or national ID.
    • The original marriage or birth certificate are not required to carry an apostille/legalisation but may be requested. If the original document is not in English, French or Dutch, an legalised/apostille certified translation must be provided. Documents issued by official UK authorities do not need to carry an apostille/legalisation.
  • Children under 6 years of age are exempted from the visa fee.

The proof of partial or full fees exemptions must be submitted.

The visa application fee is fixed in euro but payable only in British Pounds. The exchange rate between these currencies is decided by the Embassy of Belgium, in London and is updated periodically, therefore the British Pounds amount you are requested to pay may differ from those quoted above. Please note that your visa application fee receipt will only quote the fee paid in pounds.

2. Service Fees

The service fee amounts to £28.00 for any visa application submitted via TLScontact.

This amount has been decided upon an agreement with the Embassy of Belgium in London and corresponds to the services provided by the TLScontact visa application centre:

  • Appointment bookings
  • Welcome
  • Visa application reception
  • Information collection
  • Data processing
  • Transfer to the Consulate General of Belgium in London
  • Reception and sorting of passports
  • Contact of applicants upon return of passports from Consulate General of Belgium in London
  • Welcome of returned passports
  • Handling telephone and emails requests of applicants

3. Additional Fees

Those services are subject to the payment of additional fees:

  • Photocopy: 0.20 GBP (per copy)
  • Photo: 6 GBP (A photobooth is available in the Visa center)
  • Safe courier return fee via DX: 15.10 GBP (per passport)
  • Assistance VisaOnWeb: 9 GBP per applicant