Visa On Web

Manchester - New Visa Application Centre

It is mandatory to fill your visa application form on Visa On Web prior to booking an appointment on TLScontact website. For more information about the visa submission process, click here.

Application Process

Step 1 – Document list

Select the visa type and receive a list of documents to prepare your application file.

Step 2 – Register on Visa On Web (MFA website)

  • Create an account on Visa On Web
  • Complete and validate the electronic application form
  • As soon as your form is validated your VOW application form will be sent to your email address.
  • Print and sign the form.

Step 3 – Create a TLScontact account and book the apppointment

  • Create a TLScontact account.
  • Select a convenient day and time for you to submit your complete application file at the TLScontact centre.
  • Don’t forget to print out your appointment confirmation. You will need it to enter the TLScontact centre.

Step 4 – Application submission at TLScontact centre, biometry and payment  

  • Come to the TLScontact centre with your appointment confirmation, your passport and your completed application supporting documents.
  • Your application documents will be checked for completeness and you will receive a checklist confirming your submitted documents.
  • Please arrive on time! If you do not attend the appointment at the agreed time, you will need to book another appointment online.
  • Service and visa fees are paid at the TLScontact centre
  • You can follow the status of your application by logging into your personal TLScontact account

Step 5 – Passport collection

  • When your passport is ready to be collected, you will receive an sms notifying you that your passport is ready for pick up at the TLScontact centre.  
  • Arrive at TLScontact with your original, copy of ID card and checklist.
  • If you wish to designate a representative to pick up your passport on your behalf, following documents must be provided:
    • your ID copy
    • your checklist
    • an authorization letter signed by you
    • your representative’s original ID and a copy
  • Your passport can be sent to your designated home address directly by courier service. If you would like to benefit from this optional and paid service, please make this request when you submit your application documents at the TLScontact centre.