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Visa information

Document & Visa Types

Please follow these steps in order to apply for a Schengen visa. A Schengen visa allows a maximum stay of 90 days within a period of 180 days in the Schengen countries. Belgium must be your main travel destination.

Please select the purpose of your trip to Belgium using one of the following visa categories. Click on the items to download the required documents.

Please prepare
the documents below carefully.


Read the list of documents which need to be submitted with your visa application based on your travel purpose and prepare the documents carefully. Please always choose the correct travel purpose.

Business & Work

Short stay (less than 90 days)

  • Business visa, type C

    You wish to go to Belgium for business purposes and will stay no longer than 90 days.

Long stay (more than 90 days)

Family & Tourism

Short stay (less than 90 days)

  • Tourist visa

    For people travelling with the purpose of tourism, staying at a hotel or in a rented flat.

  • Visitor visa

    For people who wish to visit relatives or friends, staying in their homes.

Long stay (more than 90 days)

  • Cohabitation visa

    The visa "with a view to declaring a legal cohabitation in Belgium".

Medical treatment

Short stay (less than 90 days)


Short stay (less than 90 days)

  • Study visa

    For people who are going to study in Belgium.

Long stay (more than 90 days)

Others Visa Types

Short stay (less than 90 days)

  • Sport/Cultural visa

    For people (athletes, coaches, trainers, support staff, etc.) participating actively in sport events or trainings or for artists and other people who are participating actively in cultural events in Belgium (not for spectators at such events or tourists on a skiing holiday).

  • Transit visa (Airport transit visa)

    For people transiting through Belgium/the Schengen zone or having a flight within the Schengen zone on their way to a final destination outside the Schengen area.

  • Airport Transit Visa

    Only required for certain nationalities who need visa for staying in the international transit zone of an airport, not applicable for Russian citizens.

  • Essential travel certificate

    IN TIME OF COVID, for a short stay in Belgium (less than 90 days), the traveler must present a C visa issued after 18/03/2020 OR a C visa issued before 18/03/2020 with an “essential travel certificate”.

Long stay (more than 90 days)

  • Re-entry visa

    For Belgium residents who has a temporary residence permit.

  • Humanitarian visa

    Visa for specific cases when conditions for family reunion is not possible (grandmother living alone in Russia, dependent family that cannot live alone, etc.) or other cases of humanitarian nature.