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Address and Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Opening hours (upon appointment)

09:00 to 17:00 

From Monday to Friday (for visa application)

Opening hours (without appointment)

08:00 to 16:00 

From Monday to Friday (for passport return and instructions)

Address of the Visa Application Centre

«Delta Plaza» Business Centre

bld.1, 2nd Syromyatnichesky Lane, 105120, Moscow, Russia

Public Holidays 2019

Official holidays of the Embassy of Belgium in Moscow 2019

1st January Tuesday New Year
2nd January Wednesday Russian New Year holiday
3rd January Thursday Russian New Year holiday
4th January Friday Russian New Year holiday
7th January Monday Russian New Year holiday
8th March Friday International Women’s Day
1st May Wednesday Labour Day
2nd May Thursday Labour Day
3rd May Friday Labour Day
9th May Thursday Day of the victory
10th May Friday Day of the victory
12th June Wednesday Independence Day
4th November Monday Day of National Unity
25th December Wednesday Christmas Day

Official holidays of the TLScontact Visa Application Centre in Moscow 2019

1st January Tuesday Closed
2nd January Wednesday Closed
3rd January Thursday Passport collection only
4th January Friday Passport collection only
7th January Monday Closed
8th January Tuesday Passport collection only
8th March Friday Closed
1st May Wednesday Closed
2nd May Thursday Passport collection only
3rd May Friday Passport collection only
9th May Thursday Closed
10th May Friday Passport collection only
12th June Wednesday Closed
4th November Monday Closed