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Documents and Visa Types

Please select the purpose of your trip to Belgium using one of the following categories of visa:

Schengen visa for a stay of up to 90 days

Airport Transit Visa

Business visa type C up to 90 days

European Directive 2004/38/EC

Medical treatment Visa (Short Stay Visa)

Sport/Cultural Visa (Schengen Short Stay Visa)

Study Visa (Short stay)

Tourist Visa (Short Stay Visa)

Transit Visa (Airport transit Visa)

Visitor Visa (Schengen Short Stay Visa)


Long Term Visa

As of 01/12/2018 the Belgian diplomatic and consular posts will register the biometric data (10 fingerprints and passport picture) of third country nationals applying for a long stay type D visa to Belgium including children aged 6 or older, except if it is physically impossible to take the fingerprints.

Work permit B «Au pair», convention with universities, European blue card, professional card (long stay visa)

Work visa issuance in the base of work permit (type B) or professional card  (Long Stay Visa)

Visa for Family Reunification to join Spouse (For people who married to a Belgian citizen who resides in Belgium. (Art. 40 Ter)

European Directive 2004/38/EC

Visa for Family Reunification (For people whose relative is a non-citizen of a European Member state nor of the EEA (Art. 10 & 10bis)

Visa for Family Reunification to join Parents (For people whose parents are Belgian citizen who resides in Belgium. (Art. 40 Ter)

Re-entry visa. Long stay. (Re-entry visa for Belgium residents who has a temporary residence permit)

Cohabitation Visa (Schengen Short Stay Visa)

Visa for marriage (Schengen Short Stay Visa)

Study or study related stay  (long stay visa)